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Online course Watercolor effect September 11 and 12

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“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist” 

Pablo Picasso

Watercolor effect

-Who is this course for?

-This is a course for balloon decoration professionals.

-Not for balloon industry beginners.

-It is designed for those people who have already taken basic courses and acquired different skills and techniques in balloon decoration.


You must attend...

- If you want to expand your design portfolio.

- If you want to be more competitive, stand out from your competition.

- If you want to create your own designs.

- If you aspire to obtain in your line of work; what is defined as  Brand personality” , so that your designs are recognizable.

-What will you learn?

Skills and techniques for:

- Customize your jobs.

- The importance of added value.

- Clean a design of extras.

- Principles and elements of design.

    What techniques will we work?



 - Use of helium

-Use of the hi float

 - Use of mixed materials in a balloon arrangement.

 - Use of mixed techniques in the same design.

-Aquaballoons in a variant.

- Decobubbles.

- Foil balloons.

-Course content

we will perform designs in which we will apply different techniques of distortion, twisting, weaving, the use of Aquaballoons and Decobubbles and foil Balloons.

The importance of using different materials and textures and their application in a composition so that, little by little, you can learn to take control of your personal creative vision.

(Alternating different techniques as well as different materials creatively highlights your work and the mixture of both will allow you to take advantage of them by accentuating colors and their nuances in a design, marking the direction of the line, and emphasizing the depth, as well as highlighting its details through the play of light and shadows.)

Use of helium and air 

Durability of a design

(…and obviously I will show you how to make one of my girls)


" I don't usually show, prior to the class, the designs that I will teach".


You do not need materials, I advise you to follow the online class carefully and take notes.

You will have a week to practice and on Monday, September 19, 2022 At 17 pm Spanish time we will meet again to clarify doubts.

Anyway, the first week of September You will receive an email with the list of materials that I will use.

 The class will be registered for you for 10 days from 24 hours after finishing the first class and the second online class


You must have a good internet connection.


- It is strictly forbidden to share the link of this class, your access data, as well as recording, registering, sharing, reselling, transmitting this class.


- All content in this class is subject to industrial, intellectual and copyright property rights.

- We do not refund money.

Make sure you can attend both classes online and have a good internet connection.



- We reserve the right of admission, in the case you are not admitted and you have registered and paid for the online course, we will make a refund of the money.




The online class will take place on days;

  • Sunday 11 and Monday 12 of September 2021 at 17pm Spanish time and it will be only in Spanish.

Both days the class will be held online. 

It will last approximately 4 hours each day for a compressive total of 8 hours.

-On Monday, September 19 at 5:00 p.m. Madrid time, we will meet again via Zoom to clarify doubts about the online class.



The class will be by Zoom,

You will receive a link to your email to be able to

access so please be aware of your email.



Classes will be at 17 pm Madrid time and only in Spanish language.



the online class It will last approximately 8 hours and the question and answer class will have a variable duration. 

And finally ... I will answer only and exclusively to questions concerning exclusively the techniques and designs shown.

At the time of registration, do not forget to leave your mobile phone number so that we can include you in the WhatsApp group that we form prior to the class to meet, share and enjoy a beautiful company.

I'll wait for you in my last online class of this year 2022!

Carla Romina Finali