About us

Balloon Box is a balloon decoration and balloon gift company, managed by my husband Rolando Borghini and me Romina Finali.

We are one of those companies that can hardly be found on the maps, as the neighborhood hat shop could be at the time, remember?

Our work rests in the limbo between the artisan and the artistic , because everything we do is made completely by hand and although it seems a classic commonplace to say it; Above all, it is “made with a lot of love”, with meticulous and obsessive attention to detail.

Our main element is the balloons , we work with balloons, because they are something like our air capsule; actually our real job is to transform the air , beautify it and paint it; he colors and light are our brushes and emotions  of each of you our canvas.

The true objective is to help you give a true "Happy Moment" an unforgettable moment to someone who is special to you, a unique and incomparable memory because we want that moment to become an unforgettable experience and to achieve this purpose we need a different product , strong enough to break schemes, to get out of the classic, banal and industrialized and at the same time capable of surprising you and surprising you.