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Course On-Line Watercolor Effect (Italian) September 11 and 12, 2022

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"Impara le regole como un profesionista per poi breakle como un artista"

Pablo Picasso

Watercolor Effect

- A chi è rivolto this corso?

- This Corsican is turned to professionals of the decoration with palloncini.

- It is not rivolto, nor is it a beginner, nor is it amateur.

-E` pensato per quelle persone che già hanno realizzato corsi basici di decorazione con palloncini e acquistato abilità e tecniche fondamentali.

-Devi assistere se...

- I wish to increase and enhance your design portfolio.

- I will distinguish you from your concurrence.

- Desideri creare i tuoi propri disegni.

- Aspire to raggiungere and obtain your personal style, what is defined as " Personality of the brand" in the way that your design is recognized at first sight.

odd thing?

- Ability and technique for:

- Personalize your laundry.

  • The importance of added value.
  • Togliere l'utilile dalle tue creazioni.
  • Proportion and scale.
  • Principles and elements of design

What technique will we use?

- Basic Weaving

- distort

- How will I use Hi Float

- How will I use the elio?

- How I will use different materials for the creation of a Balloon Arrangement

- Use of various techniques in a single design

- Aqua Balloons in a variant

- Decobubble

- Palloncini in foil

-Content of the corsican

We will design to apply different techniques of distortion, twisting, round, weaving and the use of Aqua Balloons, Decobubble and foil palloncini.

The importance of the use of different materials in a design, the application of the stessi in a composition in such a way that you have no control over your creative vision.

(Alternate different techniques with different materials that bring out the creativity of your work and the fusion of the links that allow you to bring out the colors, the depth of the design and the game of light and shadow).

L'uso dell'elio e dell'aria.

The duration of a composition

(.. obviously the realization of one of my bambole di palloncini).


-Come sapete non vi anticiperò i disegni delle classi! It will be a surprise!

There are no material experts, I advise you to follow the online class carefully.

Avrai will be available for a seven-week period to be able to practice since the class will be registered and we will invest a link to be able to scare it. Monday September 19 to morning 10 we will find again to resolve your dubbi.

- In September I saw an email with the list of materials that you would prefer to use while insegno even if we did not advise you.

The class will register on our cloud for the duration of 10 days from September 12 until September 22 in such a way that you can access it when you travel

- I have a good internet connection.

- Do not share the link of the registration of the corso and your data of access.

It is forbidden to register, share, sell or transfer the class online.

- All content of the online class is protected by industrial property rights, intellectual property and copyright.

- Il corso is not refundable.

Assicurati di poter assistere alle 2 classi on-line e di avere una buona concessione a internet.

- We will serve the right of the commission, in the event that you are not eligible for the transfer and you are registered and paid, we will make a refund.

Course date:

Il corso si effettuera nei giorni:

-Sunday 11 and Monday 12 September alle ore 10 di mattina. The class is exclusively in Italian, not if it translates into other languages.

Lezioni si svolgeranno en entrambi i giorni ed avranno un durata aproximativa di 4 ore per giorno per un totale di 8 ore ca.

- Monday, September 19, we will find new ones by Zoom to solve dubbi in the online class.


The online class will be via Zoom.

You will receive a link in your email to access all the lezioni.


The classes started at 10 AM.

By courtesy guard di essere puntale nel collegarti.


The class has an approximate duration of 8 hours (Sunday 4 hours and Monday 4 hours).

L'incontro di monedi 19 september will have a variable duration.

Remember that you will answer only and exclusively to those who rule the arguments and the techniques and designs that are dealt with in due class.

Ti aspetto all'ultima classe che darò in quest'anno 2022!