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Balloon Box "Baby Emma"

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A Balloon Box "Baby Emma" is a Spectacular surprise box made by hand , personalized and with a beautiful phrase.

Inside you will find a balloon inflated with helium, completely spherical 55cm in diameter with balloons inside and a small balloon fairy made entirely by hand and with the utmost attention to detail.

It is the most beautiful and original way to congratulate the parents

You can choose between the variants of models that we propose.

It includes a card to add a dedication, once inside the cart a box will appear to add the message with the following information: name of the person to whom it is going to be delivered, dedication, person who sends it and the date of delivery.

You can also customize the balloon message, below you have a tab, you have to mark it and there you can write it.

All the ribbons and balloons used to decorate the surprise box and the balloon will be in accordance with the chosen color and could vary depending on the existence of materials or combinations.

It measures 50x50x50 cm